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The e – TBS marks a fundamental shift in the world of professional radio. With the arrival of the LTE network types will multiply and diversify. As a result, the interconnection between these different technologies needs will grow. The e – TBS of ETELM solution provides a unified network integration in place of the multiplication of gateways.

This approach allows integration of services and transmission when a user moves from one network to another. : Networks broadband are called to multiply in urban areas but they are technically and economically ill-suited to the rural areas. In these circumstances, the integration of services allows a user to enjoy mobile broadband city and automatically use services in narrow band in rural areas. For example, a user establishes an audio and video communication in town and continues only in audio when it is no longer on the cover broadband. Such integration implies that the services offered by different types of networks are managed by a core network and a common server (IMS).

The e – TBS has been designed to connect directly to the heart of a 4 G standard (interface S1) network. This approach allows to offer full integration between the surgery and professional local radio networks. Our solution is implemented on a core network Ericsson in Sophia Antipolis, allowing the creation of mixed groups of smartphones and TETRA terminals.