CEO Nicolas Hauswald and the senior team at Etelm were delighted to welcome Jean-Benoît Albertini, Prefect of Essonne and SubPrefect Abdel-Kader Guerza, as well as representatives from the Paris Saclay and DIRECCTE, to Etelm headquarters recently.

The group met to discuss the challenges facing SMEs in Essonne on Tuesday 12th February and how the public sector can provide the best support.

Etelm has a long history in the region, and has grown into an enduring team of around 30 people, with a global reach.

The company currently operates in over 35 countries across most of the  continents and has a proven ability to attract and retain talents, and grow business in a challenging market. This has been achieved by supporting employees as well as expanding capabilities in research, development and manufacturing.

During the Prefect’s visit the group discussed the challenges and opportunities for French SMEs looking to operate on a global scale. This included the challenges of recruiting and attracting talent, transport links to the area and potential state and European funding support for startups and small businesses.

Nicolas Hauswald, CEO of Etelm said, “We had a very productive meeting with Mr Albertini and were able to discuss our approach to staff