HALYS, ETELM and ENENSYS are proud to announce their partnership resulting in a full end to end infrastructure solution fitting the operational requirements of tactical LTE deployments (3GPP rel 13). This solution answers the challenges PMR users are facing when requiring autonomous private LTE deployments and provides an advanced solution for communications, surveillance, maintenance, telemetry, data flow and video streaming.

The combined solution is fit for


  • Tactical deployments.
  • Private networks.
  • PPDR users.

Turnkey and easy to deploy, the solution is adapted for critical communications in the field. It comprises all the components for successful operations from radio to applications.

The key strengths of the solution are:

 Dynamic allocation of the bandwidth in broadcast situations in order to optimize the radio resources usage


  • Multi technology radio : TETRA and LTE


  • Work in many different frequency bands (including the latest PPDR 68 band)


  • Mobile server based LTE core of the latest 3GPP release


Futureproof solution that will evolve following the international standards and requirements. It is currently 3GPP release 13 and meets the requirements of users in different sectors (transport, energy, utilities, industry, critical sites).


HALYS is a high-technology company producing equipment and solutions for private or public telecommunication operators, mobile or fixed.The LTE 4G / 5G Core Network Halys is developed for public and private operators (PMR) in many countries.



ETELM’s core expertise is the Mission Critical Radio. ETELM has been manufacturing radio infrastructure (LTE, TETRA…) for PMR networks since 1981. All products are based on in-house R&D and can be tailored to meet any specific end users needs. ETELM serves Critical National Infrastructures all around the world.



ENENYS Technologies designs and manufactures innovative professional equipment and software  enabling efficient video delivery over Broadcast and Telecom networks. ENENSYS provides LTE Broadcast (eMBMS) solutions compatible with LTE Networks (3GPP).