ETELM’s 4G Linked solution is based fully upon open telecommunications standards using LTE Core network as the fully distributed, IP based network. Both  narrowband (TETRA) and broadband (eNodeB) are directly connected to the same 4G backhaul network.

LTE Core – Interface between systems :

The core network (EPC) is based on IP technology. It allows the interconnection between the eNodeB and the base stations of different technologies. With our directly connected LTE, TETRA, DMR & Analogue  all radio systems can use a single transmission system.

Integration with other technologies :

ETELM recognized the value of 4G LTE and agreement with other manufacturers has developed a range of “4G linked” basestations, integrating different technologies on the same LTE core network. Thus, users can combine the benefits of different technologies making seamless, individual and group calls between subscribers of different technologies.
4G Linked benefits:

  • A single fully distributed, IP Network
  • Fully integrated Broadband and Narrowband services
  • Multiple technologies and seamless interoperability between users
  • Static and dynamic groups between different user types
  • Architectural flexibility with respect to the coverage, frequency, expected services and costs
  • Migration facilities and extensions


P 25 DMR 4G Linked Analog LTE 4G Linked TETRA