eabs-small e-ABS Analog -4 G Linked

e-ABS is an analog base station  connected directly to the LTE core network (EPC). Each e – ABS included natively S1 interconnection Protocol avoiding  gateways interfaces or “black box”.

The LTE core – Interface between systems

The core network (EPC) is based on a full IP technology. It allows the interconnection between the e-nodeB and the base stations of different technologies. Thanks to the connection to the LTE core , integrating analog cells equipments and LTE on a same IP network distributed is inherent.

e-ABS Analog

The base station e – ABS, through its Protocol S1, is directly linkable on a core of LTE network. The system allows direct communication between the 4 G LTE subscribers and analog. E – ABS  system automatically manages the conversion between the identities of 4G and analog, allowing individual calls and group to be established between users of different technologies.

Integration with other technologies

Etelm acknowledged the interest of 4G LTE, and  with other manufacturers has developed a range of products “4G Linked” integrating different technologies on the same IP network. Thus, users can combine the benefits of different technologies and make individual calls and groups between subscribers of different technologies