Deployed globally our solutions provide secure radio coverage for key industrial organisations including nuclear power and oil and gas installations, onshore & offshore. In addition to essential high audio quality voice communications, our system provides advanced data and scada technology for remote monitoring. These solutions connect users on site and remotely, and may also integrate with other radio systems such as VHF and marine networks.


Deployed in several countries, the main mission of these networks is to ensure, at all times, the radio coverage of platforms off-shore oil and base on shore. In addition to the interconnection of the different zones and SCADA service, these solutions connect people in charge of oil exploitation and marine VHF networks relation.


Implemented in an extremely harsh industrial environment the solution provides full monitoring and control of oil production in extremely remote areas, ensuring secure and reliable communications for personal safety and critical monitoring. Geopositioning is implemented for emergencies and a SCADA system is interfaced with our TETRA radio network. Innovative solutions were set up to respond to environmental challenges outside the norm.

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Nuclear power plants are critical infrastructure that have unique requirements in terms of radio communications. ETELM developed a tailored solution, deployed on all nuclear power plants of throughout France.