Ensuring the ability to communicate is essential for any public safety organisations. ETELM works with many municipal police forces to ensure quality of service necessary to fulfil their duties. In addition to communications, some networks allow access to video surveillance systems, the siren activation systems, traffic management, and other applications for real-time data.


The fight against poaching and protecting wildlife is a key issue required to avoid extinction of wildlife. Kenya Wildlife Service uses the ETELM solution ensuring it’s teams never lose contact in national parks. The requirements are critical not just for animal protection but also to protect the lives of the protection teams. A control room has been set up to handle crisis situations and to have access to geolocation teams.



ETELM solutions are tailored to the unique requirements of military, tactical and rapid deployment systems. The tactical solutions are easily deployable and provide a zone of communication deployable in remote and urban areas. With the Long Range facilities developed by ETELM, they can cover a very large area. These devices are also integrated into vehicles to cover the movement of a convoy or squadron.


The firefighters never know in advance where an incident might occur. They don’t know whether there will be access to operator networks (white zone area, antennae relay site destroyed, etc.). As their communications are critical for the success of their operations, they can rely only on their own infrastructure. Hence today, they are all equipped with narrowband radio solutions.