ETELM est une société française pouvant se prévaloir de plus de 35 ans d’expérience dans le domaine des radiocommunications professionnelles.

Fortement ancrés dans notre territoire, nous développons et fabriquons nos produits en France et nos sous-traitants font partie de l’écosystème français des télécommunications.



ETELM is proud to have been shortlisted for the “Best Evolution to Future Broadband” award at International Critical Communications Awards 2018. ETELM developed a concept called 4GLinked enabling customers to give a new life to legacy infrastructures, allowing time for a managed migration to LTE, and for the industry to provide mature LTE standards that can meet the MC users’ high level of expectations and operational requirements. The solution is an innovative and revolutionary way to integrate TETRA and LTE in a single core, single database network. It allows seamless communications (individual/group calls) and services across broadband and narrowband technologies in full compliance with 3GPP LTE and MC standards, and enables TETRA base stations to connect directly to the same LTE core network as any 4G LTE BS (eNodeB). This provides a single unified network solution for all secure voice and data communications.

ETELM will be exhibiting at AsiaPacificRail 2018 on March 20th and 21st. Transport is a very important market for ETELM with numerous references in railways, public transport (bus, metro, tramway), airports, ferries/cargos, etc. We would be delighted to share experiences with you on how our 4GLinked Hybrid TETRA and LTE solution can be used in Rail deployments.