ETELM to give TETRA and LTE inter connection advice at BAPCO 2019

 25 February, 2019 – Public safety organisations will be able to get expert advice on TETRA and LTE interconnection at the upcoming BAPCO trade show, thanks to a presentation from radio communications specialist ETELM.

Paul Ward, International Sales Director at the firm, is one of the key speakers at the event, which draws together the annual conference and exhibition for all organisations involved in TCCA’s Critical Communications Europe event for the very first time.

His presentation will guide attendees through the main technical differences between TETRA and LTE. Both technologies have useful applications in mission-critical spaces, with TETRA having been specifically designed for these contexts, while LTE’s commercial contexts have been proven and its mission-critical critical standards are ongoing.

However, as data-rich applications such as live video and artificial intelligence become more prevalent in public safety and other critical communications settings, the narrowband spectrum of TETRA brings limitations.

Paul Ward said: “With the UK’s first commercial rollouts of 5G networks due to take place later this year, it is the perfect time to be communicating with the public safety and critical communications sectors about the fantastic potential of LTE technology – and the importance of gradual transitions between TETRA and LTE, if that is the chosen approach.

“Downtime is simply not an option in public safety settings; communication networks don’t get much more mission-critical than those underpinning emergency services. As such, it is very important for this sector to understand the different technical and operational implications of TETRA and LTE, and how the two technologies can work together to ensure seamless transitions.”

ETELM is headquartered in Paris and is a private developer and manufacturer of TETRA and LTE infrastructure. It has supplied mission-critical infrastructure to organisations across the security, military, government, transport, oil and gas and utilities sectors for nearly four decades.

BAPCO 2019 takes place on the 12th and 13th of March at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.

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