ETELM to help develop a pan-European LTE network for public protection and disaster relief

Radio communications specialist part of a consortium working on BroadWay H2020 initiative

30th October, 2019 – ETELM, the radio communications infrastructure specialist, is helping to enable a pan-European interoperable broadband mobile system for Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR).

The company has been named as part of a consortium which has been selected to deliver Phase 1 – the design solution phase – of the BroadWay PCP Innovation programme (H2020).

The BroadWay initiative was created by the public safety agencies from 11 European countries and is operating under the framework of the European Horizon 2020 programme. Collectively, these agencies provide mobile communication services to around 1.4 million responders, and deal with an array of crimes and disasters which are not limited to fixed geographical borders.

The BroadWay initiative intends to enable European first responders to smoothly communicate, share and access information regardless of the country in which they intervene.

The programme’s goal is to develop a pan-European broadband mobile LTE broadband network for PPDR, whereby public emergency and security services across Europe can achieve seamless interoperability and operational mobility. In turn, this will enable agencies to keep populations safe by allowing them to respond to cross-border crimes, natural disasters and public safety incidents more efficiently.

Nicolas Hauswald, CEO at Etelm, said: “Mission-critical communications expertise is central to our offering at ETELM and to be able to use our years of experience in this field as part of a pan-European project with such ambitious goals in terms of public safety and crime prevention is hugely exciting.

“The focus on innovation and developing new critical communication technologies sits very well with ETELM’s ethos too, and we look forward to working with our partners and helping to provide public safety organisations across Europe with a manageable transition from PMR to LTE services.”

Other members of the consortium, which is led by Frequentis AG, include Nemergent Solutions SL, Halys SAS and ETELM. Further subcontractors are Eurobroadband Infrastructure and Arico Technologies E.U.