The first fully integrated multi-technology Mission Critical solution, developed by ETELM, successfully interfaces with other vendors at the ETSI/3GPP MCPTT Plugtests in France

Paris, France, 5 July 2017 – ETELM, a leading manufacturer of advanced Mission Critical communications infrastructure, has successfully participated in the first Mission Critical Push-to-Talk (MCPTT) Plugtests, and connected a TETRA base station directly to LTE EPC cores and MCPTT servers. By connecting TETRA with LTE without any gateway, ETELM’s 4GLinked solution offers much better performance and operability as strongly requested by all mission critical users now and in the future.

ETELM is a pioneer in the critical communications sector and was the first company to implement a MCPTT solution into a hybrid TETRA/LTE network, thanks to its partnership with Nemergent, a working group that specialises in the development of interoperable emergency communications solutions. During the Plugtests, which were organised by ETSI and the TETRA and Critical Communications Association (TCCA) from 19 to 23 June 2017 in Sophia Antipolis (France), ETELM’s solution successfully interfaced with many other vendors. This created a fully integrated solution in line with ETSI/3GPP standards (3GPP release 13), connecting users from different technologies and giving them the ability to use the same services.

“MCPTT is the new standard that will drive PMR and is increasingly becoming the key component for Critical Communications,” said Pierre Minot, President, ETELM. “ETELM has a strong commitment to develop fully standardized solutions and we announced our collaboration with Nemergent on a MCPTT solution for critical communications over TETRA and LTE earlier this year. This marked the first major step forward for PMR accessibility to multiple technologies on a single unified platform. We are pleased that the solution has performed so well at the first MCPTT Plugtests by successfully interconnecting with all the main players in this market.”

ETELM’s 4GLinked solution overcomes traditional issues associated with legacy systems and their evolution and association to LTE, by bringing to market a fully interoperable and harmonized mission critical communications solution.

“The Plugtests were important to start deploying end-to-end solutions including MCPTT implementations,” Minot concluded. “Our solution fulfils the expectations of all legacy PMR users that are willing to benefit from the broadband services provided with LTE technology.”

The first deployments of the solution are currently taking place. For further information, please visit



ETELM has been a leading manufacturer of advanced Mission Critical communications systems for more than 35 years. Based in Paris, France, ETELM develops and supplies advanced radio communications infrastructure including LTE, TETRA, DMR and Analogue base stations (that can be fully integrated to the LTE Core) along with a range of software applications including network management, dispatcher, voice recorders and gateways to other technologies. ETELM is dedicated to offering fully integrated, multi-technology solutions using industry standard core networking.

ETELM’s 4G Linked portfolio is a range of revolutionary products designed for the radio communications market, linking both Narrowband and Broadband into a single, fully distributed LTE core network. The solution is unique as it enables standard TETRA, DMR, Analogue and P25 base stations to directly connect to the same LTE core network as 4G eNodeB cell equipment, avoiding the need for black boxes or gateways. For further information please visit and follow us on LinkedIn.

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